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TAC-series circular saws

  • Series-produced machines available in stock
  • Three basic dimensions acc. to the maximum cutting depth
  • Intended particularly for cutting round steel bars
  • Cutting at 90° angle
  • High performance suitable for series production
  • Easy and intuitive control
  • Optional peripheral devices

Quick and simple entry to a high-performance world

The series-produced TAC circular saws are distinguished especially by their availability and attractive price which is not at the expense of reliability and high performance. All three models of this series, differing in the maximum cutting depth, may be fitted with several types of peripheral devices ensuring a steady flow of material from a semi-finished product to the final workpiece.

The machines are intended for cutting both full and profile materials at the cutting angle of 90°. The design of circular saws, and particularly of all additional devices, is adjusted to the cutting of round cross-section materials; however, cutting prisms is also possible at certain conditions. The limit dimensions of the input material and workpieces depend on the chosen version of additional devices (more information in Accessories).

In the basic version the cutting line includes a circular saw, input 6m gravity feeder and sorting output chute. Individual modules of the gravity feeder allow the machine either to be shortened for input materials up to 3 m long or extended for input materials up to 9 m long. The input feeder may be completed with a bundle feeder for inserting whole bundles of material inside its structure and subsequent continuous feeding of individual bars on the arms of the gravity feeder. The output chute, sorting good pieces (up to 150 mm in length) and cut-offs with remains into separate boxes, may be replaced with a conveyor belt for workpieces with the maximum length of 1,500 mm (depending on version). More information on these as well as other extension possibilities in Accessories.

Top solutions for higher productivity

The whole production series is fitted with a compact cutting unit placed on pre-tensioned linear guidance, driven by a suitably dimensioned servomotor. Supporting components filled with a polymeric composite provide the maximum vibration damping and ensure long service life and high cutting precision. Lubrication of the cutting blade is provided with a micronizer which is a part of every machine. Thanks to a modern touch panel with intuitive control by simple dialogues the operation is trouble-free from the very beginning.


Technical parameters

Technical dataTAC 75TAC 105TAC 155
Circular saw dimensions1527x2180x1950 mm1780x2580x2150 mm1780x2580x2150 mm
Circular saw weight1540 kg2640 kg2640 kg
Cutting blade
Suitable bladesHM-cerm.carbide/HSSHM-cerm.carbide/HSSHM-cerm.carbide/HSS
Cutting blade attachmentØ 32 mmØ 40/50 mmØ 40/50 mm
Cutting blade diameterØ 250/285 mmØ 315/360 mmØ 360/425/460 mm
Cutting blade thickness1-3 mm2-3,5 mm2-3,5 mm
Clamp holes4x9x50 (2x9x50)4x16x80/4x21x904x16x80/4x21x90
Cutting range
Cutting angle90°90°90°
Ø 10 -75 mmØ 20 - 105 mmØ 30 - 155 mm
10x10 - 65x65 mm20x20 - 80x80 mm30x30 - 115x155 mm
Cutting speed*60 - 220 m.min-160 - 220 m.min-160 - 220 m.min-1
Residual piece lenght**60 mm70 mm70 mm
Precision***± 0,15 mm± 0,15 mm± 0,15 mm
Electrical parameters
Power system∼3x400 V, 50 HZ, 3+N+PE∼3x400 V, 50 HZ, 3+N+PE∼3x400 V, 50 HZ, 3+N+PE
Blade drive input power7,5 kW11 kW15 kW
Total input power9 kW30 kW35 kW
Max. ballast protection63 A80 A80 A
Protection levelIP 54IP 54IP 54
Supply cable5-ti core, cords, 10 mm25-ti core, cords, 16 mm25-ti core, cords, 16 mm2
Compressed air supply
System pressure6-10 Bar6-10 Bar6-10 Bar
Supply hose10x1, 3/8"10x1, 3/8"10x1, 3/8"
Hydraulic system
Flow rate6 dm3.min-16 dm3.min-16 dm3.min-1
Operating pressure20-80 Bar20-50 Bar20-50 Bar
Output1,5 kW1,5 kW1,5 kW
Current3,5 A3,5 A3,5 A
 *stepless adjustable; **for the minimum clamping length of 10 mm; ***for feeder lifting
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