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TAC-series machine accessories

Every machine may be fitted with an input and/or output device for the preparation of material before cutting and for sorting final workpieces. Those devices are robust-structure input/output conveyors in several length versions. All these devices are either fully automatic or requiring minimum manual setting. They are connected to the machine with a PLUG&PLAY type connector.
The circular saw may be also equipped with a device for extracting oil mist with a sufficient output to maintain favourable working conditions in the immediate vicinity of the cutting line.

Bundle feeder

A bundle feeder, an extension to the input conveyor, makes material handling significantly easier (feeding and moving material to the gravity feeder). Another indisputable advantage is less frequent material refilling. The whole bundle is placed by the operator into the feeder straps from where it is automatically fed to the gravity feeder and individual bars are separated.

The feeder design is adjusted to all length versions of the input conveyor (for max. material lengths of 3, 6 and 9 m). Bundles with the maximum width of 450 mm and weight of 1.5/3/4.5 ton (depending on the length version) may be fed to TAC 75, and with 650 mm and 2.5/5/7.5 ton to TAC 105 and TAC 155.

Conveyor belt

A conveyor belt is suitable for lines cutting workpieces longer than 150 mm, where it also serves as material support behind the blade. Simultaneous cutting and removing of workpieces reduces times between individual cuts, thus increases production.

The conveyor may be supplied in two length versions for a given type of the machine: for the workpiece length of 10-1,200 mm for the smallest circular saw TAC 75, and for the workpiece lengths 70-150 mm and 10-1,500 mm for the larger machines TAC 105 and TAC 155, respectively. For manual removal of material from the conveyor in a semiautomatic mode the workpieces may be cut in the max. length of 1,800 mm. The left or right versions allow the box to be placed from either side of the conveyor belt. Remains and cut-offs are removed into a separate box at the end of the conveyor (as they are with the sorting chute). The conveyor has a sufficiently rigid structure and elements ensuring safe operation of the line.

Extraction equipment

In plants with insufficient ventilation it is appropriate to equip the circular saw with equipment for extracting oil mist formed during cutting. Our machines are supplied with OVF/A extraction manufactured by ARNO, fitted with HEPA filters capturing microparticles and smoke. The filter contamination level is shown with an indicator.

Remote control

Remote control enables you to always have your machine under control, which prevents unnecessary downtimes in case of unexpected production stoppage. Through remote control, our technician can connect to a machine located anywhere in the world, analyse the problem occurred, and provide help with its removal. An indisputable advantage is the possibility to perform minor interventions into the machine program without the necessity to call a service technician.

Access to the machine via remote control is provided with a professional industrial router EWON. The only condition for the activation of this service is connection to the internet with a cable or SIM card (SIM card not included in the delivery).

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